Monthly Archives: June 2008

Rock House

The existing boulders give the site its most unique feature. We nestle our project in between the giant rocks and capture one at the center of it. The house is divided into two parts – private bedroom area and public living and dining area. Between the two zones, there is a large covered outdoor deck […]

Honda Pavilion

The project initially attempted to create a continuous topography on which the audience can experience the exhibition in a cyclical manner, similar to that of a race circuit.  A form, similar to a figure-8, was introduced.  However, due to many budget and site constraints, the original topography was partly converted into a roof structure to […]

Residence Banglamung

A single family house comprises of a series of parallel stone walls dividing the space into different zones.  The unidirectionality of the walls creates uninterrupted public space as well as shielding off the views from the main road.  The house only looks out to the front and back gardens, renders extreme privacy for the inhabitants. […]