Honda Pavilion

The project initially attempted to create a continuous topography on which the audience can experience the exhibition in a cyclical manner, similar to that of a race circuit.  A form, similar to a figure-8, was introduced.  However, due to many budget and site constraints, the original topography was partly converted into a roof structure to house an exhibition underneath, whilst the performance and the cafe were still staged on top of the structure.       New structural system was needed to maximize occupiable areas both inside and above the structure.  Steel tubes were chosen as the primary structural material.  They were constructed off-site and resembled on-site 5 days before the exhibition with a fabric membrane cladding.  The form of the pavilion became the key visual of the exhibition, whilst the membrane surface became a canvas for the show’s various projections.

Thailand Motorshow 2008, Thailand
2008 / With Duangrit Bunnag Architect Limited
Some photos and video courtesy of DBALP