Miniature Golf Course – Sequential Putting Surfaces

This project is located on the East side of Cayuga lake, between a road and the water; a site with a diversity of topographical conditions, from level ground and water to steeply sloped rock walls.  The miniature golf course consists of nine holes, carefully sited, with particular importance placed upon the choreography of sequences traced while playing the nine holes.  The choreography takes into consideration the physical, the archaeological (both geological and historical), and the climactic aspects of the site.  In this exercise, the ground is treated as a skin over water.  The manipulations of the skin – cutting, inserting, and lifting – create visual thresholds as well as spatial organization.  Walls are considered parts of the skin, and thus wherever there’s a wall, it means that the ground has been peeled up, consequentially revealing the water underneath.

Ithaca, New York
2000 / First Year Undergraduate (David Lewis + Andrea Simitch)