Kinetic Imprints

Architecture governs the relationship between the viewer and the dancer – it mediates, obstructs, and unites the two participants.  The promenade of the performance is constructed in such ways that the choreography is never fully realized and understood until both the audience and the dancer have moved through the whole sequence of space.  Their circulation routes are separate, yet there are times when they come to meet, intercept, and unite.  The crises and tension in the performance are not created solely by the movement of the dancer but by this experience of the audience: tracing the promenade, following the dancer, participating in a journey which constantly changes their perception of the dancer.  This interaction is what brings the architecture and the performance together.

Installation at Schwartz Center for the  Performing Arts, Ithaca, New York
2002 / Second Year Undergraduate (Shadi Nazarian + John Zissovicci)
In collaboration with Colin Sieburgh